Where are we going to go heart?

Decision is a winding road and on that road we encounter many paths to take. Decision can lead us anywhere. We can take the north fork or the south, we can traverse the west or meander the east. Where will you go? Will the path be an easy well maintained trail or a steep upward climb? Will the path be thick with over grown brambles or cactus? Will the path you choose feel right? Feel wrong?

There are a lot of factors to think about in your journey. Such as what you want in relation to who you are. What feeds your soul in relation to what surrounds you. Its important to keep in mind,  life is a series of choices that create you and create your experience in this world.

Most of us want to live a good life but what constitutes a good life is different for everyone. For me a good life consists, as much as possible, living with honor and consideration to all beings on this earth, including myself. What does this mean? Right now it means living on the land, being in the woods, getting friendly with an out house, getting my hands soiled in garden beds. I am embarking on a journey with a real important education for my children and myself. The education of home and hearth. Right now I sit by a fire I made  in the wood burning stove and sip tea. Outside is coated with a thick  layer of white stuff. Snow! The desert girl in me sings in the excitement of the beauty of snowy everything. I chose to be here. My chain of decisions have led me down a good path, life simplified.

Before Sunrise

There is a season for it all. All the brutal, all the fucked up, the marvelous, the fun, the sticker bushes full of raspberries and the paths leading me into the unknown. Personally I have seen love and pain. I have seen volcanoes, oceans, tornadoes, desert lust storms, childbirth, drug addiction, the inside of countless strip clubs, islands, little voices saying mama, sail boats, rivers, mountains, sorrow, subways, hunger, passion, and heartache. And its been one hell of a real time.

So as for this next adventure I would like to share some of it in writing will y’all. How a desert city girl integrates into a highland wetland farm life with her family and homesteads. May this be a place to share, thoughts, videos, stories, pictures, how to’s, art and more.

With big love from the mountain,

snow day

Brenna Bean



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